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Africanize Your Event!

$1,000 Minimum Sales Required OR over 800 Adults attendees

B  E  V  E  R   A  G  E  S

Water    $2.00

Soda     $2.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta Orange, Ginger Ale

Vitamalt (Non-alcoholic)   -  Classic or Ginger     $3.00

Fresh Smoothie (12oz)    $6.00
One Flavor - contains 

Kale, Mango Nectar, Carrot, Banana, Mint, Ginger and Pineapple Juice.


Goat Pepper Soup   $10

Beef Sausage Roll    $3.50+

Jerk Wings (5pc)  $9.50

Chicken Plate    $15.00
Comes with a side of Egusi and Fufu (Pounded Yam) or a choice of two from rice, beans, or plantains.

Goat Plate    $18.00
Comes with a side of egusi and fufu or a choice of two from rice, beans, or plantains.

Vegan / Vegetarian

Chin-Chin (4oz)  $2.00

Puff-Puff   $3.00

Plantains (Fried)   $6.00

Plantain Chips   $3.00

Beans, Plantains, and Rice Combination Plate
Beans, Plantains, and Jollof or Fried Rice

Egusi and Fufu Combination Plate     $10.00


Vegan Combo: Choose 1

A.  Beans, Rice (Jollof or Fried) or Plantains, Puff-Puff (snack) and Water or Soda

​B.  Egusi & Fufu (Pounded Yam or Eba - Cassava)

Chicken Combo:  Leg Quarters added to any Vegan Combo above