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Step 1: Fill out Form and answer questions  | Email resume to jobs@shebafoods.com

Thank you for wanting to join us! Please fill out the form. We'll call to discuss your application and/or request more information if needed.

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Have you ever been arrested? * If yes, what was the charge? When and where did the situation occur?

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Guidelines on 3 WORK references we need.

  1. The person CANNOT be a friend, co-worker or relative.
  2.  He/She MUST BE your MANAGER. 

Please give the business main number. We will FIRST verify the person worked there in the time period you share.

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Name of Company                                      Company Phone Number

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What days and times are you available?  Review job description.

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Are you okay with getting a 1099? *  This job pays as an independent contractor, meaning we don't take any money from your pay. 

You pay the taxes when you file next year.  Consult a tax person for better understanding.


Job Form Number:

create a non-editable number with TODAYsDate+FullName  for example:  November262018_PeterHonest_


send email to applicant stating we got their info with the Job Form Number above, then direct applicant to https://www.shebafoods.com/connect-with-us/be-an-affiliate after clicking SUBMIT