Jollof Rice  - 1.5 Pounds (680 grams)

Jollof Rice - 1.5 Pounds (680 grams)

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Moimoi (Bean Pockets) - VEGAN

Moimoi (Bean Pockets) - VEGAN

Jollof Rice - 1.5 Pounds (680 grams)

Senegal & Gambia - This West African favorite dish that combines rice and tangy spices, has origins in Senegal & Gambia.  In Senegal, it is commonly prepared by the Wolof people, who add various meats and vegetables. Gambians make a rice and fish dish they call Ceebu Jën. Jollof rice became popular as people traded goods back and forth in West Africa. Other countries modified the rice dish to suit their taste.

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Jollof Rice - 1.5 Pounds (680 grams)


Thaw or Place entire frozen content in the microwave.

Remove Plastic. Stir often while heating.

If Thawed - 3 minutes.  

If Frozen 6 - 8 minutes.  

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