Moimoi (Bean Pockets) - VEGAN   (FROZEN)

Moimoi (Bean Pockets) - VEGAN (FROZEN)

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Plantain Fufu (FROZEN)

Plantain Fufu (FROZEN)

Jollof Rice  - 1.5 Pounds (680 grams)  (FROZEN)

Jollof Rice - 1.5 Pounds (680 grams) (FROZEN)

Moimoi (Bean Pockets) - VEGAN (FROZEN)

Meal contains NO MEAT or NO MEAT Products.

Blackeye Peas without skin, blended, seasoned and made in a pouch. Delicious!

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Moimoi (Bean Pockets) - VEGAN (FROZEN)

Warming Instructions

Thaw or Place entire frozen content in the microwave.

Remove MoiMoi from pouch Place on a plate.

If Thawed - 3 minutes.

If Frozen 5 to 7 minutes. Heat until hot. Enjoy!

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