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Cart or Trailer Associate

FOOD CART OR TRAILER ASSOCIATE  Email your resume to:  [email protected]

If you want a job with growth potential, Sheba Foods is the place for you. We are seeking dependable experienced and self-motivated people to join our team our part-time and full time team. Responsible for delivering customer food orders in a productive and timely manner as needed. Apply NOW!

Type of Position:  Part-time    


A. 233 Peachtree Street (Downtown Atlanta) 30303  Benefits:  None      Compensation: $9 per hour (increased to $10 after 3 months, $12 after 1 year)

:: OUTSIDE Peachtree Marta Station in front of CVS and AmericasMart

:: Food Cart will not operate in inclement weather - freezing, heavy rain, etc. This means that weekly hours are not guaranteed.    

Hours:  Thursday 9:30am - 4pm   |   Friday  9:30am - 6pm  [14 Hours]

B. 494 Boulevard SE (Grant Park) Atlanta 30312   Benefits:  None      Compensation: $8 per hour (increased to $9 after 3 months, $10 after 1 year)

    Hours:  Saturday 11 am - 7pm   |   Sunday  12:30pm - 6pm  [12.5 Hours]

>>>> WE DO BACKGROUND CHECKS - STATE AND FEDERAL on all applicants. <<<<

>>>> DRUG TEST will be required as the last interview step, prior to hiring.<<<<

(and randomly throughout the year).


1.   Must be at least 21 years old with a High school degree or GED and computer literate.

2.   Clean appearance and proper professional attire. 

Sales Responsibilities

3. Assist to set up and break down Food Cart or Food Trailer.

4. Sell Frozen and Hot Meals.

5. Operate generator to warm up meals.

6. Microwave frozen meals when needed.

:: get orders ready for delivery/pickup from our online ordering partners which includes Ubereats.

7. Accept payment (cash or credit card).

8. Keep Food Cart or Trailer clean at all times.

9. Take catering orders and payments.

 If interested please email your resume to [email protected]  

One of our staff will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks for your attention.


Download these REQUIRED documents

  1. Job Application
  2. Verification and Background Check Form
  3. Form W9